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We offer a wide range of services and provide real-time data solutions such as


Data Cleansing

PROSOL has the ability to cleanse the master data to ensure that it is accurate and consistent.


Data Enrichment

PROSOL can enrich the master data by adding additional information or attributes.


Data Governance

PROSOL provides tools for data governance, such as data quality monitoring, data lineage, and data stewardship.


Data Integration

PROSOL can integrate with multiple systems and applications to ensure that the master data is consistent across all systems.

Data Synchronization

Data Synchronisation

PROSOL can synchronise the master data across multiple systems and applications in real-time or on a schedule basis.

Data Security

Data Security

PROSOL provides security features to ensure that the master data is protected and only accessible by authorized users.

Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation

PROSOL can automate workflows related to master data management, such as data approval processes or data change requests.

Reporting and analytics

Reporting and Analytics

PROSOL provides reporting and analytics capabilities to monitor the quality and consistency of the master data and to identify trends and patterns.

PROSOL Offering

AI-ML Based Master Data Cleaning And Data Enrichment
  • Cleanse and standardize your master data seamlessly using PROSOL’s AI-ML algorithms
  • Manage and govern Material, Asset, Service, Business partner masters from a single platform
  • Comply to global coding standards such as UNSPSC, ISO 14225, GS1 standards or custom standards of your organization
  • Process and manage terabytes of master data in a short time
PROSOL for Material Master
  • Single version of cleansed material master (Golden records) that helps in increased operational efficiency and data quality.
  • Effective compliance by documenting changes along the material lifecycle.
  • Clearly brings out the need for inventory and warehouse optimization
  • Improved ROI on existing IT / ERP investments
PROSOL for Asset Master
  • Structure your asset data (Asset Hierarchy, Functional Location, Bill of material, Asset classification, Asset cataloguing, Asset componentization etc.) easily using PROSOL
  • Build a solid asset register and equipment list which shows the true picture of asset utilization and availability
  • Understand asset RUL and valuation, helpful for finance and maintenance teams to take informed decisions
  • Get maximum yield out of the assets at an optimized cost
PROSOL for Service Master
  • Define complex services with multiple hierarchy and track them with clear SLAs
  • Define a single approach that represents a service across end to end business process
  • Helps in deciding and optimizing future service contracts through quality data
PROSOL for Business Partner Master
  • Track vendor performance and business transactions with ease
  • Avoid operational inefficiencies of having bad master data on Business partners
  • Ensure best customer and vendor experience
Why PROSOL is better than other MDM tools in the Market
  • Ten million referenceable material and asset data available in our repository through a decade of MDM implementation experience.
  • Instead of spending time in creating new material / asset master data, users can easily retrieve the records and codes from our repository - PROPEDIA

PROSOL Advantage

  • By Leveraging PROSOL, our customers ensure that new item descriptions, modifications, or deletions are always in synch with global standards.
  • When integrated with IT platforms including ERP, Inventory Management, EAM (SAP PM / Maximo), or CMMS solutions, PROSOL’s governance module ensures that data quality does not decay and remains intact in perpetuity.
  • PROSOL’s efficient Product Coding Process can improve understanding of OEMs and OPMs for Products
  • By leveraging AI/ML, PROSOL can help in systemizing product-tools relationship through Bill-Of-Materials data.
PROSOL Advantage
PROSOL Governance

PROSOL Governance

  • Keeps master data consistent and accurate across your enterprise by using robust data governance functions to create, maintain, and replicate master data.
  • Helps maintain master data consistency across purchase, maintenance and finance departments.
  • Helps building verifiable audit trail indicating when, why, and by whom master data is changed.
  • Applies existing business logic, rules and standards to validate data
  • Integrates master data to SAP and other ERP systems
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